UPDATE: House Bills Would Prevent Use of Aborted Fetuses

UPDATE: 12/02/21 The House Health Policy Committee today voted House Bills 5558 and 5559 forward to House Judiciary Committee with a vote of 11 to 7 in favor of the bills.

LANSING- Today in the House Health Policy Committee, a package of bills were presented that would prevent human fetuses from being used in research.

House Bill 5558, presented by Reps. Thomas Albert (District 86) and Chair Bronna Kale (District 57) would require written consent from a mother to conduct research to be performed on a dead embryo, fetus, or neonate, which is a newborn less than a month old. Otherwise research will not be performed. 

It’s been known that body parts and human fetuses have been trafficked, according to a 2017 article from the Blaze. And in more recent news, the University of Pittsburg, Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases allegedly sent taxpayer dollars to the University of Pittsburgh for grafting aborted fetus parts onto lab rats. Representative Albert also mentioned that the University of Michigan received $389K for research on aborted fetuses in 2019.

These bills would help lockdown and prevent these further crimes on humanity from happening. Human fetuses have been cut up; harvesting the heart, liver, and other organs without anesthetic, giving the fetus a painful, painstaking death.

The bill will not allow a physician nor a person associated with the physician, to sell, collect any fee for, transfer, distribute, or give away an embryo, fetus, or neonate, or will be allow to transfer it.

The bill also states that all fetal remains resulting from abortions must be disposed of by interment, cremation or by incineration by a person other than a cemetery registered under the cemetery regulation act. 

House Bill 5559 would create a five-year felony for medical research using a dead embryo, fetus or neonate.

Rep. Kahle made it very clear that these bills are not anti-abortion, these bills are about preventing a practice that is extremely inhumane and unethical. Kahle mentioned there are more ethical alternatives to promote research, and that there is a difference between a fresh fetus and fetal cell lines. Fetal cell lines have been used from the fetuses dating back from the 1960’s and 70’s and are still currently used today. Not only that, but umbilical cords, cord blood, placenta, bone marrow, and other tissues can be used as alternatives to fetuses.

The meeting had to adjourn early after a late start, but will reconvene Thursday morning at 8:30am.

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