Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry Court Trial

We are going to try and Live Stream this for you today!  
A lot of variables to consider.  Will the Judge violate the 1st amendment (Freedom of the Press) by not allowing us to film the court proceedings?   

We shall find out today.  

Yes!  As a matter of fact, this is exactly what happened!   

While setting up camera and equipment in the courtroom, a sheriff deputy asked me if I had permission to document the trial.  I replied, I do!  It’s called the 1st amendment and freedom of the press. The deputy then instructed me to sign in as press at the clerks window. 

I decided to entertain the request! I then proceeded to fill out a form at the clerks window, and was told that press must fill out a “press request” three days prior. I still continued to try and follow the ridiculous unconstitutional protocol that this circuit court judge has deemed necessary.  

I waited for about 30 min for the decision in which I was given this:

We were able to interview Katherine Henry along with Jon Rocha for congress and Aaron Nawrot who witnessed first hand the arrest of Katherine Henry.  


Written by John Clore



Katherine Henry was able to sum up what happened and what to expect next in this interview.


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