President Trump Gives Financial Support To Michigan 1st Candidates

MICHIGAN – Two candidates running for Michigan state representative have not only received Trump endorsements, but have also received financial backing, to support their campaigning efforts. 

Jon Rocha (R) who is running for Michigan state representative, District 78 had this to say:

“I received an incredible letter from President Trump and Melania today. They believe in our campaign and that we can Make Michigan Great Again! Thank you for the kind wishes, Mr. President, and together we will take back our State and our Country!”


Jon Rocha was recently endorsed by President Trump:

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Angela Rigas (R), who is also running for Michigan state representative, district 79:

President Trump understands the need to support true Patriots and conservatives in office. He trusts in me to get the job done for the 79th district of Michigan. President Trump is a man of action not just of words. He knows what it takes to win in Michigan. President Trump believes enough to donate to my campaign, not just pay lip service for support. Now, I am asking you to step up and donate to my campaign! I want to thank everyone for the continued support!”


Angela Rigas also received a Trump Endorsement.


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