State of Michigan Doing More Dirty Business With Another Dirty Company!

LANSING, MI –  Jan. 11, 2022 Press Release by

State of Michigan launches new websites to modernize technology and improve user experience

Prioritizing ease of access to government services for all Michiganders, the state of Michigan will begin launching refreshed websites that take advantage of the latest technology and design for all state departments beginning Jan. 14, 2022.

“My top priority is to bring Michigan’s government into the 21st century at every level,” said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II. “Providing friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive websites and digital services is key to that mission. Today’s announcement is a step forward in our efforts to serve the 32 million users visiting state websites each month and meet the needs of the people who live, work, visit, and do business in Michigan.”

But don’t let the pleasantries fool you!  Although what appears to be good intentions, may not always lead to the best results.  Once you follow the money, it all starts to make sense.  Following the money is what my intuition has once again led me to uncover in the following:

I decided to look up website content management replacement project and do a quick search for the word BID, that led me to this portion of the article;


  • Worked with DTMB Central Procurement Services to make an award to Rightpoint Consulting, LLC.


Who is Rightpoint Consulting LLC? 


Rightpoint Consulting, LLC provides IT consulting services. The Company offers digital marketing, mobile development and responsive design, e-commerce, social media, website design, and development services. Rightpoint Consulting serves clients worldwide.

Headquarters location: Chicago, IL

Further down the rabbit hole we go to find out that Rightpoint was acquired by Genpact on October 15, 2019. 

Genpact to Acquire Industry-Leading Digital Consultancy, Rightpoint.

Now, who is Genpact? 

Genpact is an American professional services firm legally domiciled in Bermuda with its headquarters in New York City, New York. Wikipedia

Why have a company domiciled in Bermuda?

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. … A large number of foreign owned companies are domiciled in Bermuda due to its status as tax haven.

Avoiding taxes by setting up domicile in Bermuda seems pretty shady if you ask me! 

Can you see how the rabbit hole is getting dirty?  

Who owns Genpact?

According to CNN Business real time analysis, a bunch of holding groups and hedge funds!



Top 10 Owners of Genpact Ltd

Stockholder Stake Shares
Total value ($) Shares
bought / sold
Wellington Management Co. LLP 11.92% 22,424,269 1,190,280,199 -1,516,541 -6.33%
Fidelity Management & Research Co… 9.72% 18,270,189 969,781,632 -377,907 -2.03%
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 8.72% 16,393,956 870,191,184 -372,627 -2.22%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 7.47% 14,055,797 746,081,705 +274,986 +2.00%
Victory Capital Management, Inc. … 3.78% 7,111,495 377,478,155 +62,902 +0.89%
AllianceBernstein LP 3.32% 6,247,714 331,628,659 -130,115 -2.04%
Brown Advisory LLC 3.01% 5,667,209 300,815,454 +135,105 +2.44%
FIL Investment Advisors (UK) Ltd. 2.55% 4,803,060 254,946,425 +421,017 +9.61%
SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 2.17% 4,082,793 216,714,652 -41,858 -1.01%
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC 1.90% 3,577,218 189,878,731 +29,441 +0.83%

Top 10 Mutual Funds Holding Genpact Ltd

Mutual fund Stake Shares
Total value ($) Shares
bought / sold
Hartford Mid Cap Fund 3.19% 6,005,938 318,795,189 -268,711 -4.28%
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index... 2.84% 5,331,288 282,984,767 +10,615 +0.20%
Vanguard Institutional Total Stoc… 2.82% 5,297,045 281,167,149 +5,297,045
Victory Sycamore Established Valu… 2.77% 5,200,000 276,016,000 +200,000 +4.00%
iShares Core S&P Mid Cap ETF 2.55% 4,794,788 254,507,347 +9,910 +0.21%
Vanguard Small Cap Index Fund 2.51% 4,720,396 250,558,620 +31,248 +0.67%
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index F... 1.57% 2,956,078 156,908,620 -424 -0.01%
Vanguard Windsor Funds – Vanguard 1.39% 2,621,398 139,143,806 -31,712 -1.20%
Vanguard Extended Market Index Fu... 1.23% 2,307,549 122,484,701 +7,875 +0.34%
Fidelity Small Cap America Fund 1.18% 2,224,387 118,070,462 0 0.00%


We see Blackrock and Vanguard.

Blackrock, Vanguard and Soros determine the rules of the game

The three largest funds –  Blackrock, Vanguard and Soros’ Quantum Group of Funds manage over 80% of cash flows in the world. Recent moves of hedge funds’ managers, cutting global financial “pie”, show us the boom in investment and financial companies, only Soros has huge investment interest in communications sector as well. At the moment, three giants apply the greatest interest to financial, energy and industrial sectors. There is a dwindling investments in the technology sector, utilities and healthcare sectors.



We also see that Blackrock has a “China Fund” 

The China Fund seeks to maximise total return. The Fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of companies domiciled in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in, the People’s Republic of China.”



We also see Vangaurd has an active China equity fund

Vanguard Announces Plans to Launch Active China Equity Fund

VALLEY FORGE, PA (November 29, 2021)—Vanguard today filed an initial registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to introduce Vanguard China Select Stock Fund. The fund will invest in both onshore and offshore Chinese equities and is intended for clients seeking actively managed, high-alpha-target equity exposure to complement a broadly diversified portfolio. Vanguard expects to launch the fund in the first quarter of 2022.



Who else is affiliated with Genpact?

Genpact and Deloitte Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Business Transformation and Build Enterprise Resilience



If anyone remembers the article we did on: 

Why Is Mainstream Media Refusing To Look Into Deloitte Further, With Michigan UIA?

After uncovering the following information during my own independent research and writing this article, I have uncovered

  • Billions of dollars in fraud. 

  • CIA involvement with a Multinational Fraud Ring. 

  • Multiple States Involvement (Michigan, California, Illinois and more)

  • Foreign Interest like London England and Beijing China

  • Possible CCP Involvement 

  • Possible Crimes Carried Out By Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Office

You will see that Deloitte was contracted by Gov. Whitmer’s office, to conduct audits pertaining to Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency.  Now, we see Deloitte has managed to get their hands on more of Michigan, by using Genpact!

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  1. Good work investigating all this. I can’t remember but I think it’s Nessel that has Chinese affiliations. Actually taught about voting in China.

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