Unmask Clinton County - St John's Public School Board Meeting

Unmask Clinton County – St Johns Public Schools Board Meeting went off on 5/11/2021 where concerned parents and citizens came to express their opinions against the mask mandates for school children, as well as testing and vaccinations. 

Dozens of parents and concerned citizens voiced their opinions against the mask mandates, covid-19 testing and now vaccinations that are being carried out by the Clinton County Public School System. 

These unconstitutional mandates have dramatic psychological effects on our youth.  The indoctrination camps, otherwise known as “Schools” that are carrying out these orders are simply teaching children how to succumb to the herd and to not exercise critical thinking… 


Clinton County School Board Member Timothy Jackson was present, and was on his computer attending to a Facebook Chat that seemed to take precedence.    What was so important to talk about Timothy?

FACTS = If you are talking trash about a group of concerned parents who are nearby, make sure to cover your six… 


Timothy Jackson: “Oh my god…  what rock did these people crawl out from under….  this is going to be VERY interesting

Seriously…. there is already an overflow and people BITCHING up a storm that they are being shunted over to the orchestra room so we can maintain a safe distance.” 

Watch the following video to see testimony from concerned parents and citizens.






Written by John Clore

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