Michigan Wastes More Time With Drivers License "Nonbinary" Option!

KALAMAZOO– Michigan is adding a new option to drivers licenses and ID cards.  For those who just cannot decide if they are a man or woman, these people will be given a 3rd option.  “Nonbinary” 

As News 3 reported: 

Starting Wednesday, Michigan residents who identify as nonbinary can designate it on their driver’s license or state identification card.

People in Michigan will be able to select a nonbinary option — marked with an “X” — as the sex on their driver’s licenses and state ID cards.

“We’re all used to having to pick one gender or the other depending on the situation and this is an opportunity to not have to do that,” said Jaimie Fales, the administrator for First Congregational Church of Battle Creek.

Those interested in changing to the “X” marker do not need any documentation from a health care provider or a court affirming their identity.”

Will Michigan lead the way and do the same with Race / Ethnicity? 

Instead of having to chose if you are White, Black, Asian, or Other, can we simply pick Human Race?  I will promise you that this will never happen!   Why?  Because establishment wants us to all focus on our differences, to keep us divided.  If we all just focus on our similarities, then we cannot be divided.  But, if we keep creating labels to class individuals or certain groups, then this will only perpetuate the division in society. 


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