USPS's 2020 Election Report Leads to Frustration

LANSING-  Today, Stan Franke, acting director of customer relations gave a presentation about the USPS 2020 Election Report to the House Elections and Ethics Committee today.

Here’s how it went in a nutshell:

I should have stayed home and done research on other pressing topics. As it was pointless. The presentation mainly consisted of things that could have been found within USPS’s website under general information. I closed my laptop in frustration before the meeting ended. 

Stan Franke asked prior to his presentation if there was going to be media present. Chair Ann Bollin replied that this was a public meeting and this was being streamed over Capitol Television, and that there could be media present. The audience present in the room had a good laugh as Franke looked very uncomfortable and awkward.  


Chair Bollin asked how the statistics from this report compared to 2016, and Rep. Steve Johnson asked how many ballots never made it to the election clerk with no answers. 

However, one good thing about this meeting was seeing Patrice Johnson, Alex Weddon, and Ann Hill of Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME).

They were prepared to testify and ask questions to USPS, and had voter fraud information to present. 

According to a copy of their testimony I was given, PIME had used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to access voter information from the county clerk’s office in East Lansing. 

In the fall of 2020, MSU had closed most of its dormitories. No one was living there, and the post office would not be able to deliver applications for ballots or actual ballots. However, as the spreadsheet shows, a sampling of less than half of the closed dormitories shows absentee voters with addresses at these closed dorms. 

Ann Hall of PIME did even more research, as they found that 50 registered voters claim to live on Cherry Lane, a street demolished over 10 years ago when a new development was built. There is NO STREET in East Lansing named ‘Cherry Lane.’ However, of the 50 people that are on the Qualified Voter File (QVF) as living there, 15 of them voted absentee in the November 3, 2020 general election. The clerk sluffed it off to Hall saying that these voters “could be military.”

A street demolished over 10 years ago. With valid registered voters that “could be military.” Not likely, lady.

PIME was also able to get a statement from previous Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. 

“When I was Secretary of State I removed 1 in 6 names on the QVF using a variety of techniques to remove individuals who were deceased, moved out-of-state, or non-citizens. But I wasn’t using this as a mailing list as our current Secretary of State who has failed to even purge the known and eligible records of individuals who are likely not qualified to vote in our state prior to sending her May mailing.”

If anything came out of this useless meeting today, PIME came through with some valuable information. Please follow them HERE









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