VIDEO: Mom GAVELS Tyrant School Board President!

A couple of weeks ago at the Grand Ledge School board meeting, parents were upset as the school board mandated masks for their kids. There was lots of gavel-slamming by the school board president, Sara Clark-Pierson, who was struggling to maintain order of the meeting.

This week, parents gathered together with signs and bullhorns prior to the meeting to express their feelings against the mask mandates and the teaching of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). One of the parents, Amber Redman, has been fighting against these mandates and circulating petitions to recall some school board members. She showed up to the meeting prepared with her own gavel. Check out the video below!


A young student also testified against mask mandates and the harm masks can cause:


A registered nurse with 2 children testified as she feels the school board is crossing the line:



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