VIDEO: Parents Face Off With Caledonia School Board

Just outside of Duncan Lake Middle School Performing Arts Center, several parents, concerned citizens, friends, and even a senior high school student stood around in a circle prior the school’s board meeting to say a prayer for our children.

Our children have been hit the hardest since the COVID-19 pandemic started in early spring of 2020. From being isolated at home, dealing with depression and having difficulty learning virtually, to now being separated from their friends on the playground that are or are not wearing masks.

The parents have had ENOUGH. They feel that schools have overstepped their boundaries in raising their children. They will not be silenced any longer, and demanded the school board allow children to make masks optional. Many parents spoke out about the physical and psychological damage it’s doing to their children.

One senior student spoke out, saying after a few days of attending class, she decided to take her classes virtually. She expressed it was the best decision that she made, because wearing a mask would make her winded going from class to class. Although she mentioned no one social distanced and no one wore masks during their lunchtime. She missed her senior prom, and her family could not attend her graduation. She is a class officer speaking on behalf of the other students. 

Below is a link to the Board Agenda:


The School Board’s decision is yet to be determined.


Written by: Rachel Marcero


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