America First Rallies Birch Run, Michigan

This weekend in Saginaw and Birch Run, an “America First Rally” was held to promote conservative voters to become precinct delegates in order to help promote our conservative grassroots leaders. Organizer Debra Ell is a precinct delegate Saginaw County Captain, was a National Trump Republican delegate in 2016 and an America First Republican Precinct Delegate.

There were a handful of speakers lined up for the event, Tami Carlone, CPA being one of them. In addition to have previously ran for The Michigan Board of Education, Carlone has been organizing classes to help educate precinct delegates on how get organized and effectively take advantage of their elected positions, as well as a course for parents on how to manage and talk to school boards about critical race theory training.

Robi Rodriguez was one of the speakers, founder of a new grassroots group called Citizens Against. CA  was formed to help communities stop undocumented illegals from seeking refuge within the state of Michigan.

Many passerby’s honked their horns in support and stopped in to receive information about the upcoming grassroots conservative candidates within the state of Michigan.

For more information, contact:

Tammy Carlone, MRP VC at for precinct delegate training, CRT/Ed/Running for school board training, and getting involved in election integrity initiatives.

Robi Rodriguez with Citizens Against or email Robi at






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