Tensions Rise at Ambassador Bridge as Police and US Tow Trucks Arrive

DETROIT- Tensions are rising at the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit as Windsor police arrived in buses early this morning and two tow truck companies are facing off with protestors and truck drivers standing up against mandatory mandates. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted on Twitter account yesterday urging these “illegalContinue Reading

LIVESTREAM - Trump Endorses Huge Rally at Michigan State Capitol Building!

Lansing State Journal Reported: Capitol police prepare for Trump-endorsed rally in Michigan Tuesday “The Michigan State Capitol could see higher attendance than expected at an Oct. 12 protest calling for a “forensic audit” of the 2020 election after former President Donald Trump directed supporters to the event. The rally, which takes place fromContinue Reading

VIDEO: HUGE Protest Against Joe Biden Arrival In Michigan!

There was a HUGE Joe Biden protest during his arrival in Howell, Michigan today!  his “Build Back Better” agenda.  The Livingston County Republicans (LCGOP) and Moms for Liberty of Livingston County organized a protest to speak out about Biden’s $3.5 trillion wasteful spending bill. Joe Biden received a warm welcome from CovidMan during his firstContinue Reading