Protest Against Vaccines at Michigan Kroger

ROCHESTER- Yesterday, a demonstration in Rochester Hills was organized to boycott shopping and protest the discrimination of employees not wanting to take the COVID-19 shot of grocery retailer, Kroger. 

People held up signs, chanted, and paraded around the parking lot with drums (See The Drum Messengers info here). Police were called as the store management was disturbed by the amount of noise and disruption happening. 

Ross Baranco, of the Southeast Michigan Conservative Grassroots Movement stated the following:

Kroger employees, like all American citizens, have a right to medical choice. No corporation has the right to discriminate against its employees for exercising their God given right to make medical decisions for themselves. Calls to boycott Kroger and protests organizing will continue until Kroger rescinds its fascist edict against its employees.

Baranco stated of previous protests that have taken place at an Oxford and Rochester Hills Kroger stores and plan on protesting these stores again amongst other locations in the near future. 

See our previous article of Kroger notifying employees it would no longer offer paid emergency leave to unvaccinated employees who contract COVID, as of Jan. 1. Furthermore, all unvaccinated managers and nonunion employees will have an extra $50 added to their monthly health plan costs.

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