Attacked By Angry Mob In Front Of Lansing, Michigan State Capitol Building

Today we arrived nearly an hour early to testify against House Bills 4835 and 4836. These bills would allow Illegal Aliens the right to obtain a Drivers License and State ID Card. As we walked up to the House Appropriations room at the Capitol, the room was completely dark and there was an attendant at the entryway. It turned out that the Rules and Competitiveness Committee meeting was canceled sometime this morning. For those that don’t know, the Rules and Competitiveness Committee is a fast track to get legislation approved.

In doing research in the verbiage of these bills, it turns out that there are TWO IDENTICAL BILLS ON BOTH HOUSE AND SENATE SIDES! We must continue to pay attention as to when all of these bill will be up for discussion in future committee meetings. We will continue to keep you posted on these bills!

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Michigan Legislators Propose Bills To Allow Illegal Immigrants Ability To Vote And Drive!

While walking towards the Anderson Building to check on Elections and Ethics committee, we came across an angry mob of migrants who started attacking us for simply asking questions. This mob was there to show support of House Bills 4835 and 4836

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