Mexico and US Aid Agencies to Cooperate in American Taxpayer RIPOFF Programs!

The initiative aims to rip off American taxpayers under the guise of helping Central Americans build a future at home! Mexico News Daily Reports: The Mexican and United States governments have announced a new framework for development cooperation in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Called Sembrando Oportunidades (Sowing Opportunities), the framework aimsContinue Reading

Biden Restarting "Remain in Mexico" Trump Policy. Is it Too Late?

According to Fox News, president Joe Biden will be restarting the Trump-era immigration policy “Remain in Mexico.”  Remain in Mexico (officially Migrant Protection Protocols) is a United States immigration policy implemented in January 2019 under the administration of Donald Trump, affecting immigration across the border with Mexico. Administered by the Department of Homeland Security, it required migrants seeking asylum to remainContinue Reading

Michigan Legislators Propose Bills To Allow Illegal Immigrants Ability To Vote and Drive!

Once again, Us Against Media is bringing you BREAKING news on Michigan Legislative BAD BILLS!  How do we know about these bills?  It is because we attend committee meetings and get involved with the process…  Where is Stand Up Michigan?  In the back with the crickets.  Again, Stand Up MichiganContinue Reading