Henry Ford Health System Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Protest

Today hundreds of protestors from all over the state of Michigan gathered at five Henry Ford Hospitals to protest against mandatory vaccine mandates for employees.

Amber Castro, organizer and a team of Michigan healthcare workers against unconstitutional mandates along with several other grassroots organizations, put today’s event together. Michigan for Vaccine Choice and volunteers provided and displayed a banner which read, “COVID-19 VACCINE MAKERS ARE EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY”


“I’m not a healthcare worker. I’m just being a voice for all these nurses that have reached out to me in the last three weeks that said, “Help us. We don’t know where to go. We don’t know who to talk to. We’re concerned that we’re going to lose our jobs.” They’ve (healthcare workers) been in this field over 20, 30, 40 years and now they’re going to be terminated if they don’t get this vaccine.” “They’re not anti-vax, none of us are, but we do not want to be mandated.”

Rachel Weaver of Guardians of Freedom Michigan and her husband showed up to support the protest.

“Everyone should have their own medical autonomy to choose for their health and what they want to decide with their doctor and the best thing to do. It really should never be forced.”

Castro also organized a protest last month at Beaumont Hospitals when the facility required guests visiting a loved one to show proof of vaccination. Three days following the protest, Beaumont rescinded this policy.

Last month Henry Ford Health System said its workers, contractors, volunteers, and students must be vaccinated by Sept. 10. The five-hospital Detroit-based Henry Ford said the requirement affected about 33,000 team members.
A second primary health system based in Michigan will require its workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Trinity Health, based in Livonia, announced Thursday that its employees, contractors, and others conducting business in its hospitals must be vaccinated by Sept. 21.

In Detroit, we also conducted interviews at the Henry Ford Hospital Vaccine Protest with Celeste Mentag, Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley and Kathleen Kilcawley.  

Unfortunately, we incurred technical difficulties with our microphone and the audio came out unusable.  Our sincerest apologies, as this is just one of the many, many obstacles that we face. 


Written by Rachel Marcero


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