Mother Wrongfully Charged with "Felony Eavesdropping" At Michigan Public School!

Photo courtesy of Detroit Free Press


CHEBOYGAN-  Erin Chaskey, whose son is a student of Onaway Area Community School District (OACSD), was wrongfully charged with “Felony Eavesdropping” and is suing the school district, the superintendent, a school board member, and the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Office (PICSO) for enforcing a no trespass order, which restricts her from school grounds, and for having her phone unlawfully taken by the Sheriff’s Office without probable cause.

We got the chance to interview Erin Chaskey and attorney, Darren Wisely, to talk about the specifics of the case. 


The issues with the OACSD started over a year ago, when Chaskey had heard rumors of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct by at least one teacher at Onaway High School. The complaint refers to Kymberli Wregglesworth, a teacher for Onaway High, who had made extremely inappropriate comments to students, such as “your white privilege is showing”.  Also referring to voting for certain political candidates, comparing to “like voting for Hitler”, and even bullying an autistic student in front of the classroom.

Furthermore, Wregglesworth had been teaching “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) in the classroom, praising former Communist leader Che Guevara, and overall behaving in a very biased manner.

Due to these concerns, Chaskey emailed the Superintendent Rod Fullerton, asking to meet and discuss these issues of curriculum as early as March 17, 2021. After waiting nearly two months since her initial email detailing her concerns, she finally gets a reply that he (Superintendent Rod Fullerton) 

“…just don’t have it as of yet.”

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