RINO LaFave Announces Run for Secretary of State

LANSING- Beau LaFave, a RINO Representative from Iron Mountain announced today of his run for Secretary of State, which will split the votes with Republican SOS nominee and voter fraud whistleblower Kristina Karamo. In which Karamo has the endorsement of Donald Trump. 

“This, and many other issues, we will discuss over the next 13 months, is why I’m running to open the offices and restore integrity to the SOS.”

REALLY, LAFAVE?!?!?!? Really? He’s publicly mocked voter fraud whistleblowers Karamo, Patrick Colbeck, and Dominion whistleblower Mellissa Carone, who is running for state representative in District 46.

Kristina is running for Michigan Secretary of State to fight to make sure that elections are decided by legal votes (not manipulation and corruption), and to improve DMV service for all Michigan citizens. More broadly, as Secretary of State Kristina will work to restore the rule of law and earn back the trust of Michigan citizens in our government.

A believer in servant-based public service, Kristina looks to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, with its focus on limited government and the protection of the inalienable rights of the American people.

Karamo responds to LaFave’s jumping in the race, “People are tired of the Lansing Swamp who seeks to serve itself, at the expense of Michiganders. Jocelyn Benson’s failures aren’t just a public nuisance. Benson consistently seeks to destroy out elections, which is a threat to our Republic. She fails to provide customer service at SOS branch offices, causing people legal and financial problems. In addition her failures harm farmers, truckers, auto dealers and repair shops. I will choose to put Michiganders first. I look forward to being Michigan’s 44th Secretary of State.”

Please go to Kristina Karamo and Mellissa Carone’s websites to support them. We need to support our grassroots, not the establishment!

See more details in the article by Big League Politics, written by Albert Turkington: Republican Wing Of Swamp Attempts To Co-Opt Red Wave Energy In Michigan With Beau LaFave – Big League Politics

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