Roe Must Go! Election Integrity Rally

Today in Lansing at the Michigan GOP, Republican precinct delegates gathered to present over 540 signatures from precinct delegates. They are urging the MIGOP to censure their executive director, Jason Roe. Roe was not elected, and the GOP precinct delegates have unanswered questions on how he obtained the position.

Debra Ell, a precinct delegate and Republican organizer proposed this resolution after reading about Roe stating that the 2020 election was fair and just. Roe stated, “My frustration at hearing people being so angry at the outcome of the election is up until the election the president was seemingly doing everything he could to lose a very winnable election.” “Yes I believe trump blew it.”

There was a table set up for precinct delegates to sign forms in support of the resolution prior to Ell submitting to the office of the GOP. Anyone interested in becoming a precinct delegate could fill out the form, have it notarized and sent into their local county clerk’s office.

Some of the speakers included Jon Rocha, candidate for the 6th Congressional District, Audra Johnson, candidate for Congress, Melissa Carone, candidate for State Representative District 33, and Articia Bomer, candidate for mayor of Detroit. Also present but did not speak was Rick Scott, candidate for governor.

We decided to look up details after hearing some rumors about the MI-GOP renting the building they are currently using as their headquarters. 

Upon further investigation, we find that the Michigan GOP building is owned by the law firm Sinas Dramis.

Video of the speakers are below.

Written by: Rachel Marcero
John Clore
contributed to this article

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