Byron Center HS Student With Gun, Confusion with Lockdown

BYRON CENTER- Today around 9:50am, a student was found with a gun and full magazine in his backpack at Byron Center High School. 

A fellow student noticed the weapon in the backpack of the potential shooter and reported it. However, reports from students say they were only told to “stand by, stay in class, and close the blinds.” There were no orders called for any doors to be locked. 

See below where the principal, Scott Joseph references this incident as a “drill,” but later on mentions the internal lockdown. 

Parents are asking the Kent County Police Department for an investigation as to whether the situation was handled appropriately. A concerned parent who called their school’s resource officer responded by saying the situation that happened today was none of their business. That there was no threat to any student in the school today. 

We will keep you posted as more information comes in. 

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