Grand Ledge Teacher Flies Diversity Flag and Gets Paid the Big Bucks!


GRAND LEDGE- A few days ago, a photo in a teacher’s classroom surfaced on social media. See below:


After some digging, we were able to find the teachers name, Shelby Logel who according to, in 2020, Shelby Logel was paid 124% higher than average and 226% higher than median salary in Grand Ledge Public Schools. 


Husband of Shelby Logel, David Logel is also a Grand Ledge school teacher who was caught flying the exact same flag in his classroom!

David Logel is paid 99% higher than average and 190% higher than median salary in Grand Ledge Public Schools. 



In the Student Handbooks (downloadable from Parent Resources) under Student Code of Conduct – Dress Code.

In the Grand Ledge High school, Intermediate, and Middle school handbooks it says this;

“Dress and Grooming Students are expected to dress in a fashion that promotes a positive, safe, and focused learning environment. Students and parents are expected to use discretion to ensure that student clothing is appropriate for school.

Pursuant to school board policy, clothing that contains symbols that intimidate based on religion or race (e.g. swastika, Confederate flag, etc.) or messages that are disruptive to the learning environment are not permitted. Sexually suggestive messages, clothing that promotes drug and/or alcohol use, or violence are not permitted.

For health and safety reasons, students are required to wear shoes or footwear with soles. Final decisions regarding dress code are exclusively up to administrative discretion.”

Grand Ledge high school teachers are in direct violation of these rules!

We also previously reported on a Grand Blanc high school teacher who had similar flags hanging in the classroom in which he teaches.   You can read more on that here:

SHOCKING! Michigan Teacher That Pushes Antifa Ideology!

So how is this okay? Should teachers be allowed to push their political and sexual beliefs onto students? 

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