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Michigan UIA is at it again!  

What a joke this has been! If you were fortunate enough to enroll with Michigan Unemployment due to loss of work or wages because of Gretchen Whitmer’s tyrannical lockdown orders, then you are probably getting screwed too!  

You can read my previous report on how Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency is pulling excuses from magic hat, on why I was found “No Longer Eligible” to receive benefits. 

When somebody is busy pointing the finger at you, it’s probably to hide the things that you should be pointing the finger at them… 

Not only did the Michigan Department Of Labor And Economic Opportunity violate the Michigan Procurement Practices, Policies and Procedures by violating sections 1.31, 1.37, 1.42, 1.54, when they selected Deloitte (A foreign based private company) to handle the Michigan Unemployment Financial Audits. 

But Deloitte itself is surrounded and flogged with numerous counts of fraudulent audits and malpractice suits. 

Now, Michigan Unemployment Is Demanding Florida Pay For Michigan’s Fraud! 

If you are eligible in multiple states for unemployment, but were only getting unemployment benefits from Michigan, then you are probably one of the lucky chosen ones to receive this dandy letter!


So, being eligible to collect unemployment in multiple states seems to be The Collatz Conjecture, a mathematical equation that simply cannot be solved by Michigan Unemployment! 


Seriously, is the Michigan Unemployment Director High On Drugs?

Serious question! Has the Michigan UIA Director ever been drug tested? 

First, there is no “OVERPAID” amount due.  If you would have actually looked into the details of the case, you would have seen that. Being eligible for Unemployment in multiple states IS NOT A CRIME! You cannot collect from multiple states!

Second,  Interest?  Honestly, what gives you the right to charge interest? YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY! So, should I be tacking on interest with what you still owe me?  No double standards right?

Furthermore, upon actually reading INTERSTATE RECIPROCAL OVERPAYMENT RECOVERY ARRANGEMENT I do not see Florida or Michigan on the list. VIEW LINK

Michigan needs to clean up it’s own mess, start being responsible and accountable for the massive amounts of unprofessional acts that have been, and are still being carried out by the Unemployment Insurance Agency. 

EDIT:  I have since reached out to Florida about this letter and they have assured me for the 2nd Time that I have done absolutely nothing wrong. 

Since Michigan is refusing to actually contact Florida, Florida will be contacting Michigan on my behalf to hopefully clear this up. 

I will be posting further updates as they become available. 

Written by John Clore

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