John Clore

Disrupt Mainstream Media!

My name is John Clore and I am fed up of the media lies and propaganda that is constantly being spewed out in order to cause fear, hate and division in society!

When I’m out and I happen to come across a news crew setting up, I GET READY!
I get ready to disrupt because I refuse to obey to the constant lies. 

Do Your Part! 

When you see mainstream media with logos like FOX, NBC, CBS, or CNN, then it is your duty to stand up and shut them down! You interrupt their lies by getting loud and yelling!  You Let them know THEY SUCK!

Example 1:  Sean Hannity



Example 2:


Behind The Scenes:

And Like I said during the ABC interview, As long as it takes. For the rest of my life if I have to.


And this is what happens when the Police give special treatment to the left, allowing them to break laws. But, punishing all conservatives for their stance against tyranny and communism.



And here debating with the Radical Left


And being assaulted by the Radical Left ARTICLE



And having fun with the Radical Left.