Governor Gretchen Whitmer Blows More Smoke with $67.1 Billion State Budget! - Us Against Media

  Gretchen Whitmer blows more smoke, by making more false promises that will not be kept!   How do we know?  Well..,  Because she is a liar.  LANSING – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer targeted education and help for unemployed people in a $67.1-billion state budget unveiled Thursday that she said is aimed at ensuring theContinue Reading

Opinion: MLive Reporter Malachi Barrett Pushing Globalist Agenda Towards Michiganders! - Us Against Media

    The Conversation While attending the Marlena Pavlos-Hackney protest at the Ingham County Sherriff’s Office, I spoke with Mr. Barrett about the Deloitte / Michigan Unemployment Scandal, in which he seemed very interested in the facts! That a foreign based company being tied to multiple counts of fraud as wellContinue Reading

DEVELOPING! We Have Proof That Fraud Was Carried Out In Michigan Unemployment Agency! - Us Against Media

After uncovering the following information during my own in-depth independent research and writing multiple articles, I have uncovered Billions of dollars in fraud.  CIA involvement with a Multi-National Fraud Ring.  Multiple States Involvement (Michigan, California, Illinois and more) Foreign Interest like London England and Beijing China Possible CCP Involvement  Possible Crimes Carried OutContinue Reading