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That’s Right!


We have the radical left that has not only taken over the Facebook userbase, but also Mark Zuckerberg has made his position well known!


Sounds like a very patriotic dude right?

So why are so many “Patriots” still on Facebook?   Have you ever asked any of your Patriot friends this?  Ever get them to answer?

Here are just some of the outlandish excuses I have heard on why some refuse to face their addiction and TURN OFF FACEBOOK…

1. “Gotta Reach The People” (Dude, Facebook is full of radical left imbeciles who refuse to listen to any type of reason or facts.  Just who are you pretending to reach?)

2.  “You Will Never Hurt Facebook Financially” 

(Facebook loses 7 BILLION from companies pulling Facebook ads.   

Facebook sees $34 billion erased from market cap as Trump-ban fallout continues to spook tech investors )  

3. “I Use It For Business” (Because that is all you ever used for business and you are too scared to make the switch.  BTW, just how much business are you gaining from Facebook?  ROFL) And, why attract people who hate freedom as business associates or clients?  

4. “Family” (There are plenty of other platforms that do not promote anti-American ideas.  Don’t be so lazy, get off your ass and go see your family if they mean so much!)

5. “Close Friends”  (I guess you do not have their phone numbers to call them then huh?)

No matter your excuse, you know that what you are doing by continuing to be on Facebook goes against everything you supposedly stand for. 

The best are the ones who experience Facebook Jail!  They just wait around for 10 to 15, sometimes 30 days looking like lost dogs…  As if their entire world has been stripped away.  And they wait and wait and wait until Facebook says it’s OK to get your addiction fix again…   SAD

How can those who call themselves Patriots, but yet help contribute to a platform that does not support freedom of speech?  You do understand how you  look right?

So, PUT UP OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!   Hey, I learned it from Facebook….

But never mind what I say, you are right to continue to rationalize your addiction and show how truly weak you are… 

And don’t get mad when somebody calls you out on your shit.  FACE it like you FACEBOOK… 


Written by John Clore


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