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Krispy Kreme has thrown its hat in the ring to encourage consumers to take the CoVid 19 Vaccination, by giving away a FREE glazed donut!
Vaccine manufacturers, just one tentacle of the medical industrial complex that have made billionaires this year and are looking for a “bumper profit” into 2023.
Let’s look at the numbers:


2021-$15 Billion 
2022- $8.6 Billion
2023- $1.9 Billion
2021-$19.6 Billion
2022-$12.2 Billion
2023-$11.4 Billion 

Johnson &Johnson

2021-$106 Billion
What an insult! The message here is so contradictory. Take a shot to stay healthy, but continue to eat processed “Franken” foods This has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with increasing profits and keeping the population sick, and their symptoms managed in a government controlled “healthcare system”.

The coronavirus is not going away anytime soon folks.

Appealing to a humans basic need to eat is the  best method to incrementally wither away your medical rights to choose what you want to put in your body.
Written by Celeste Mentag


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