Livingston County Man Challenges Unconstitutional Administrative Laws

LANSING – A local Michigan man has taken steps to pursue litigation against the state of Michigan and its’ unconstitutional laws. The cities and counties are state-owned corporations under the executive branch. This allows the state to tell you what to do, and waive your rights as a property owner, when you apply for these permits. Which basically gives local municipalities permission to tell you what you can and cannot do with your property. That the American Planning Association (APA) propagates rules with the force of law, when it was never a law to begin with. An unconstitutional law.

Bambas states all of these mask mandates and laws are unconstitutional and violate state law MCL 3333.20201-203 which states we have the right to refuse medical treatment and medical advice, yet the governor and attorney general are weaponizing the health department and state police to enforce these mandates and intimidate people.

Back in December of 2020, Bambas went to court over a $500 mask mandate fine from the Michigan State Police. He challenged them by demanding a jury trial, and informed the prosecuting attorney that he had 3 witnesses for deposition. Which were the governor, the attorney general, and the state medical expert Dr. Calhoun. The case was dismissed immediately, regardless of Bambas wanting their depositions.

The court rules are created by the judicial system. They’re not declared law. Therefor they are being used to circumvent the law.

Bambas’ has a 3-step plan to stop the deep state socialist agenda:

1. Know the law and your rights.

2. How to stop socialism in America.

3. Know your contracts.

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This is Mike’s declaration he sent to every legislator in the State of Michigan

New update.

“The Michigan State police have given me another bite at the apple.”





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