Livingston County Residents face off with County Commissioners

LIVINGSTON COUNTY-  At last Wednesday’s finance meeting the motion to accept more than $1.5 million COVID-19 relief funding did not pass. That funding included over $900,000 to go into the schools and other questionable strings attached. The commissioners had a tied vote, with one commissioner absent, and the motion failed. Since then there has been requests for a re-vote among some of the commissioners, the health department and several from the Livingston County Democratic Party, who spoke at this past Monday’s meeting in opposition of this decision. (Site: Facebook event, Livingston County Board of Commissioners)

Commissioner Zajac, which wanted the motion to pass, did not approve of the banter of residents opposing the funding in tonight’s meeting. Where do his motivations lie? What further proof do these county health departments and commissioners need? 

Private business owners are not happy with having to pay all the city and county taxes and fees when they are constantly losing money.  Residents are unhappy with seeing a Michigan football stadium jam packed, and Attorney General Dana Nessel at a concert venue full of people. Yet they want to mask and constantly test our children.

The residents are urging that the Commission put the Health Department in their place and take their noses out of raising their children.

Other residents testified on the adverse affects using the VAERS data. You can see the reports for yourself at:

The Livingston Board of County Commissioners did require for people that testified to list their name and full address, which goes against the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Here is the agenda:



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