Michigan Counties Rescind Mask Orders in Fear of Lawsuits!

Two more local health department in Michigan rescinded their school masking requirement Thursday despite governor Gretchen Whitmer saying she will not enforce Republican-written budget provisions that threaten funding for counties with COVID-19 orders.

The moves by Allegan County, south of Grand Rapids and the Barry-Eaton District west of Lansing came a day after Barry County in the state’s southwestern corner repealed a face-covering mandate. The health department for Dickinson and Iron counties in the Upper Peninsula acted last week.

Fox 2 Detroit Reported

Fox also states, the reason the 15 counties have stuck with the mask mandates is to “reduce the spread of the virus.”  

“Eleven health departments covering 15 counties, and nearly half the state’s residents, appeared to have stuck with mandates to reduce the spread of the virus as of late Thursday.”

This is a lie.  The only reason the 15 counties have chosen to enforce a mask mandate is because they receive federal funding to do so! Do some digging and look into you local health department’s ledger. They must make this information public. Sometimes you can find this information in the meeting minutes via the local health department’s website. You can do this for schools, too. If these ledgers are not available on the minutes, you can call them to get their monthly expense ledger. They legally cannot keep this from constituents. Like they say, “follow the money.” 

Parents need to stay strong, and start taking your children out of any schools that mandate a mask!  This will have a negative effect on monies being funded by the federal government, as each school receives funding PER STUDENT.  Less students means less government funding for any school that enforces a mask mandate!

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