VIDEO: Mandate-Free Homecoming Hosted by Community and Parents

CHARLOTTE- This past weekend, the community and parents in Charlotte hosted a homecoming dance with 400 students in attendance.

The idea started small, with a group of parents of students that attend the school. Parent Kellie McNally mentioned her husband being able to DJ, as he does this for fun in addition to his painting business. Another parent came forward volunteering her photography services. The venue was at the Beach Market in downtown Charlotte.

It snowballed from there, as the local fire department lent out their tables and chairs. Local restaurants offered to sponsor food, and the community pulled together to make the event successful. 

Sophomore Raeghan Ryan was excited about the event, “we never get to have the fun bonding you get when you do dances and things like getting dressed up and getting ready together. I think it’s an experience that teenagers should get to have.” Another student, Haiden Stone mentioned she would see photos from older girls at homecoming and prom when she was a young child and was excited to attend dances. “Last year I didn’t get to go, this year it wasn’t going to happen. So I’m really happy that the parents did it.”

With mask mandates, the Superintendent of Charlotte Public Schools, Mandy Stewart claims they reached out to students about an indoor masked homecoming outdoor homecoming, but received little or no interest from the students. 

Parent Andrea Bryan Smith added, “At one point the DJ had technical issues and told the kids to sing something while he worked it out. They sang the national anthem. We got it on video. It was great.”

Watch The Video Below by parent Brandi Clark, it’s amazing! Photos by Henwood Studios.



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