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This event was hosted by Unmask Livingston And Surrounding Areas

What a Gorgeous day and gorgeous crowd to celebrate and bring together the promise of restoring freedom back to Michigan!

Mike Detmer

Mike Detmer spoke yesterday at the Restore Freedom event at Scofield City Park, which had a good turnout of people.  

Mr. Detmer will be running in the 8th District against Elissa Slotkin who is now U.S. Rep.  

He spoke about things that pertain to Michigan voter integrity, 2nd amendment and 1st amendment rights that are slowly being taken away. 

We got the chance to interview Mr. Detmer and ask about some of the issues he hopes to tackle once in office. 



You can see more about Mr. Detmer by visiting his Website Here where he discusses things like, Election Integrity, Healthcare Reform, Economy – America First with Michigan Priority, Keep the Border Secure.

Katherine Henry

Mrs. Henry gave an excellent speech as she addressed constitutional law and the rights to private property.  She also explained how personal private property differs from commercial property. 

Mrs. Henry also spoke about her personal experience with being arrested when standing up for our constitutional rights!

If you did not know about her sacrifice when getting arrested, then you can see it here:

Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry began as a joint effort between the Katherine Henry PC law firm and the Restore Freedom Initiative ballot question committee. Our signature gathering efforts are completed, but our fight for freedom is not. Our amazing core team of volunteers is staying on to work on the various freedom-fighting constitutional advocacy & education projects we will be rolling out shortly. It might seem like a little while before we post updates on these new projects, but you will be amazed when you see what we’ll be rolling out very soon! We will also have specific calls to action for people to have tangible ways that they can start effecting change in their own communities.

You can see more about the Restore Freedom Project Here

Thank you goes out to Mr. Detmer and Mrs. Henry!  You are standing up for the people of Michigan and that is exactly what Michigan needs right now! 

Written by John Clore

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