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In my previous article,

BREAKING! Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Tied To Multi-National Fraud Ring 
I uncovered how Deloitte was connected to the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, as well as other states in order to not only construct the unemployment websites to send your personal data to London England as well as Beijing China, but to also conduct fraudulent audits in order to carry out more fraud.
Now, I want to see who the CEO is behind this massive rip off machine, otherwise known as Deloitte.


It seems Deloitte has recently changed CEO’s 

I guess this is a common practice, after committing fraud to ensure no accountability… 


Joe Ucuzoglu

Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte United States

No One Seems to Care That Deloitte Named Joe Ucuzoglu CEO

Is it me or does there seem to be absolutely no buzz about Joe Ucuzoglu being elected as the new CEO of Deloitte? Is it because people are still talking about yesterday’s guilty verdict in the trial of former KPMG partner David Middendorf? Or maybe because we’ve known unofficially since December that Ucuzoglu was going to take over the big chair? Does anyone else find this weird?

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Seems Joe Ucuzoglu has to express his political views as well here:

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Also, Joe and criminal cronies made sure to try their best to push the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

On Monday, a group of business leaders in New York called on Congress to approve the transition. “This presidential election has been decided and it is time for the country to move forward,” they wrote in an open letter from the Partnership for New York City. “President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have won the Electoral College and the courts have rejected challenges to the electoral process. Congress should certify the electoral vote on Wednesday, January 6. Attempts to thwart or delay this process run counter to the essential tenets of our democracy.

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Deloitte: $308,438,589.71 in contracts with the CBP since March 2017

On June 4, Deloitte US CEO Joe Ucuzoglu wrote an open letter to staff condemning systemic racism and committing the company “to drive meaningful and lasting change in our communities.” An excerpt:

Since our note on Saturday, we have heard from many of you—sharing your personal experiences with systematic racism and bias, feedback on our firm’s culture, including ideas on how we can improve racial injustice and bias especially with the black community, and suggestions on calls to action for Deloitte to lead the changes in society that we all want to see. As the leaders of our firm, we are not only actively listening, we are committed to action.

Tomorrow (Friday June 5th), we will come together as a Deloitte community to honor the victims of racial injustice, and to learn, listen, and start exploring and defining ideas of concrete actions we can take as an organization to positively impact change.

Ucuzoglu did not mention that the company had inked $308,438,589.71 in contracts with the CBP since Trump took office — an agency that is now using force to stop people from protesting racism on the streets of Portland. 

Last year, Deloitte drew scrutiny for having over $100 million in contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The company claimed that it did not do any work associated with the physical border wall or the separation of children from their parents. But Popular Information reported that Deloitte staff was involved in the creation of a slide deck presentation intended to convince Congress to fund a border wall. Deloitte also signed a contract to assist with the operations of the Pacific Enforcement Response Center (PERC). That facility is described as a “tactical force multiplier” for enforcement and removal operations that “operates round-the-clock 365 days per year.” An ACLU attorney told Popular Information that PERC’s “whole business… is separating families and putting mothers and fathers and brothers and people’s kids in detention centers and sending them away.”

A recent multi-million dollar contract awarded by CBP to Deloitte and other consulting firms appears likely to assist the agency in the surveillance of protesters in Portland and elsewhere. The contract includes a range of services including, “knowledge management,” “business intelligence,” and “capability analysis and support.” 

Deloitte did not respond to a request for comment. 

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Joe Says He Knows About Morals And Values!

“Your moral symbol should be authentic, so be sure your symbol is something that meaningfully represents your values. If you display a moral symbol inauthentically, you will send the wrong message.”
Deloitte US CEO Joe Ucuzoglu

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How authentic is your Moral Symbol when you jump and play on both sides of the fence Joe? 


Joe’s Moral Symbol Defined!

Does FRAUD count when you artificially inflate a CHINESE Company for the purpose of STEALING MONEY, is this defining someone’s Moral Symbol?  

GSX Techedu is an $18 Billion Fraud…enabled by their auditor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is demonstrating “unreasonable recklessness” in continuing their role as auditor

GSX Techedu (NYSE: GSX) is a Chinese online education company in an ultra-competitive market yet reports faster growth than Facebook, better profit margins than Google and claims to have achieved profitability faster than Amazon or Netflix. GSX’s IPO took place in June 2019 on the NYSE and it is up 650% since, with a current valuation close to $18 billion dollars. However, the company has been loudly, repeatedly and publicly accused of fraud by top research firms specializing in Chinese fraud. Twelve separate reports conclude that GSX is inflating its 2019 revenues by 70-90%. The track record of these research firms is stellar, having uncovered fraud at Chinese companies such as Luckin Coffee, Sino-Forest, China MediaExpress, and Longtop Financial.

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What Do Deloitte Employees Think About Deloitte?


Avoid if you can

I can only speak to human capital. Most people leave after 1-2 years here. The consulting lifestyle isn’t for everyone and gets exhausting and old pretty quickly. We have something called “Deloitte Nice”, which equates to people who are fake nice because performance metrics aren’t clear. You’re often placed in teams with people who are at the same level as you, you’re expected to be a team player but at the end of the project and year, you’re ranked against each other. All of this promotes back stabbing. The review process is not transparent – you won’t get feedback for why someone was promoted over you even if your performance rating is the same – your coach presents you to a panel, who then goes into a room to decide your fate. It’s all a popularity contest, so make sure you’re in the running (aka the loudest) otherwise good luck moving up. Don’t even get me started on diversity – 95% of the leaders in human capital are white. Yes, there are a few URG leaders, but they’re not the ones hosting town halls, so you rarely see them – get what I mean? This place is toxic, it promotes those who are toxic, and leadership will feign ignorance or that they have no evidence of such things but the truth is, they’re just not measuring it or willfully turning a blind eye. Hearing leadership’s canned responses and shifting blame to practitioners “for not speaking up” has been exasperating in the COVID context – we don’t speak up for fear of retaliation, which is done through our performance reviews. Your manager and will say you’re doing great in your face and then say something different – more…
Competitive salary – Deloitte will BUY YOU
You hold all the accountability – for performance convo, work hours, career growth, work-life balance

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Not a great place to work

Management is not approachable. Only a few managers are great. Onlypeople who butter up their managers gain promotions here. Hard work is not the way to go here. Only need to focus on your relations with your manager.Work is redundant. There is no focus on learning

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Think Twice about joining

Totally disappointing with the Deloitte name, but its very important for people thinking of joining Deloitte. No doubt its a huge name in Consulting, but you have 0 job security. Top executives say very nice things like no plans to reduce workforce & blah, blah. Top Leadership has complete disconnect and lack of people management skills. This is a huge reason Deloitte is lacking in Leadership right now. secretly they laid off people. Makes big promises about work culture, no more than 40 hrs/ week etc but all fake. Full of politics, no direction for new employees. Stay away at every cost. I recommend other Consulting firms. No telling if their staffing model will ever be effective. Think twice about joining this firm.

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Better options found elsewhere

I worked at Deloitte for a number of years. However, the company has in recent years suffered in some critical areas. During my time there, I experienced poor management from supervisors, lack of communication and guidance from leadership, and worst of all, terrible customer service.Poor Customer Service – I asked for the IT Helpdesk regarding an issue with my computer, which required escalation to the national IT office since the local office was not able to complete it. However, I received no response from the national office for my request despite multiple follow-ups via email and voicemails. The local office also never bothered to check again into the issue, to see if I needed additional assistance.Poor Value – Deloitte’s pricing for client engagements is above the norm. While some of our clients needed that extra assurance that they are bringing on a prestigious accounting firm, many did not realize that comparable work could be performed by other respected regional or local accounting/consulting firms (many staffed by highly qualified employees formerly with Deloitte or other Big 4 firms) at a lower fee. I’ve heard my Deloitte colleagues and managers joke about how the revenues we were getting from certain engagements far exceeded any value we provided to clients. Joking about ripping off clients is not OK, but maybe that’s just me.Mismanagement – Deloitte’s corporate culture can be described in many ways – political, soulless, and too focused on the bottom line that the treatment of employees becomes a side-story. While some of the managers I worked with were good people to be around, many were too eager to please their clients with often unreasonable requests, forcing team members to work on the weekends and/or cut away precious time these employees had with their families. (Coincidentally, most of the good managers who I worked with told me privately that they were leaving the company for many of the reason cited above.)In summary, I believe that Deloitte is no longer the prestigious well managed firm that it used to be. Its decline will continue until management is restructured to become more accountable to its clients and its employees, The company’s slogan has recently been “Look Again”, advertised on their website and commercials. Perhaps a better, more fitting, and honest slogan would be “Look Elsewhere”. – less
Poor management, stressful work, poor customer service, poor value.

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Good on a resume, but will ruin your soul

Let me first say that I read reviews like I’m about to write below before I joined the firm. I thought they must have just been disgruntled. I have a history of excellent work prior to Deloitte and thought to myself these negative reviews can’t be true. How naive I was…Pro: Great project experience for a resume and good money/benefits.And now everything else…Now lets get to what you’ll be expected to do for that money and benefits. Expect poor management people skills working 70 hours a week, politics galore, unreasonable expectations. I’ve witnessed papers being thrown due to anger issues by senior leaders, berating of a project manager in front of others by a partner. Forget work/life balance (even though they preach that). Don’t expect to take PTO, because you’ll be on the “beach” (times when you are not on a project) at times and that will count against your utilization rate (more on that later). Don’t expect positive feedback, everyone is stressed out and focused on issues rather than managing people correctly to motivate and train.Expect to rework a deliverable about 50 times because multiple hands in the pot. Expect your soul to be drained. On the plus side if you stick it out a year or two, you’ve get great experience you can take to industry. But expect your family to become distant and take a hit. It’s an up or out company, so if you don’t hit your utilization rate (which is basically how many billable hours you make) and on top of that contribute to firm projects (again taking you away from your life), you’ll be be out.If you don’t have a family and extremely motivated, this might be the job for you. If you do decide to join, prepare to see your doctor and stock up on adderal and caffeine and make appointments to see a therapist to explain all the crazy stuff you are going to witness. The therapist will be shocked.
Great resume material
Your personal life is gone

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That Moral Symbol Is Starting To Tarnish Joe! 
Better pull off some more fraud to clean up the fraud quickly! 


If you have not read my previous article on the numerous accounts of fraud that have been connected to Deloitte, then I suggest you do so now! 

BREAKING! Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Tied To Multi-National Fraud Ring


Written by John Clore


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