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I am not one to interject race into a subject, but for the purpose of this article I asked my fellow black people, why should Marlena matter?
If you’re not aware of what happened here’s the rundown.

Marlena Pavlov Shackney Owner of Marlena’s bistro and pizzeria, was taken into custody by Michigan State police during a “routine traffic stop” in Allegan County, she was transported and booked at the Ingham county jail. 
Marlena was denied bond, arraigned Before Judge RoseMarie Aquillian Who on cue in full tyrannical display banged her gavel before MSM and witnesses in the courtroom, Threatening those who displayed their displeasure of over the top political theatrics, 93 days in jail for contempt of court, an obvious clear abuse of power.

Why should a white old woman living in West Michigan falsely imprisoned matter to BLM?

Judicial supremacy is the real threat to ALL working class families. Marlena like many of us personally or had relatives come face to face with authoritarians like the “Honorable” Aquillian who entrap blacks and all working class that are ignorant of their Constitutional rights to receiving due process in a court of LAW!

Even if a black person is educated or aware of their rights. Many are not aware that many of our judicial process are done administratively, changing the dynamic of a single person, families, or business. Ultimately the suppression of our civil liberties and human rights.

So the pipeline from school to prison is real, not because of white supremacy, the judicial supremacist and the Marxist teacher unions work hand in hand to start the problem, watch the polarization of communities and families, planning and strategize how to stoke the fires of division to keep the working classes in servitude through a revolving door in the criminal justice system to financially siphon their meager earnings. Unaware of these transactions happening and through coercion, the working class continues to fight each other blame the system as racist, classism and misogynist.

The technicalities of administrative law are not disclosed to working class people. With the expansion of new bureaucracies being proposed under the Harris/Biden administration. New administrative laws will be codified as we have seen through this plandemic, the Judiciary branch unilaterally amending or issuing new election laws without legislative oversight.

Judicial supremacy is real and Marlena is the harbinger for what will be in store for the black community and working class families if we do not stand up against tyrants like Governor Whitmer and Judge Aquilina.

The day is fast approaching for my people to realize that no matter your skin tone we are all in the same boat.

I’m afraid by that time it will be too late. #IStandWithMarlena
Written by Celeste Mentag


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