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The Radical Left group Antifa took to the streets yesterday, 3/20/2021.  Blocking traffic and terrorizing neighborhoods, screaming and yelling at conservatives.  

No real media coverage on this event, as nobody really cares about the Antifa Belief System (It’s Only An Idea)  ROFL.  Nobody was arrested as the radical left has a free pass in Liberal Lansing.  

Conservatives are allowed to be assaulted and the police and prosecutors refuse to do anything about it. 

Media outlets are putting it lightly when they report it this way:

Protesters and members of several advocacy groups took to the streets of Michigan’s capital on Saturday afternoon, March 20.

The Michigan People’s March, hosted by the Washtenaw General Defense Committee, invited demonstrators in Lansing to demand the abolishment of police, clean water for Flint, the release of detained migrant children at the southern US border, and an end to evictions, among other causes, according to the event page.




















Written by John Clore 

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