Michigan Forensic Audit Affidavit Update #1

Today we went to the Capitol in Lansing to follow up with delivery of the affidavits requesting a forensic audit of the 2020 election. With it being a Friday, most offices are closed until the legislature reconvenes next Tuesday.

However, we were able to check in at the Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey’s office. We asked to speak with his staffers, however the capitol security guard told us they didn’t want to answer any questions. We were able to see the boxes of affidavits thru a glass panel behind a locked door of the conference room.

The Secretary of State’s office’s building security told us thru the door with a mask on that we are not allowed inside unless we had an appointment. It was very hard to hear anything he was saying with traffic driving by.

Since most offices were closed, we decided to drop in at the Michigan GOP office and get their opinion about the election and future election integrity. See video footage of our check-ins and interview above with Ted Goodman, the MIGOP communications director.

We’ll have another update next week!

Written by: Rachel Marcero 06/18/21

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