Third Annual Michigan March for Medical Freedom

The wind. The rain. And more wind and rain. But that didn’t stop people from coming out to the Michigan State Capitol for the third annual March for Medical Freedom, put on by Informed Choice Michigan.

Informed Choice Michigan is a state chapter in alliance with informed Choice USA. This group is not an anti-vaccination group nor a for-vaccination group, but are dedicated to educating Michiganders in order to empower them to make informed decisions for themselves and their families. And that our rights for medical freedom must stay that way.

Among the speakers were Kristen Meghan Kelly, Dr. Kareen Oosterhart, Mini Patton, Dr. Brian Hooker, Laura Roush, Dr. Neuenschwander, and many more.

Many of the speakers were parents that discussed personal experiences their children have had with being vaccine injured. Children have developed autism, severe neurological problems, asthma and allergy problems, ear infections, ADHD, developing tremors and speech impediments from being vaccinated. Many of these medical complications are suppressed by the CDC and mainstream media, but Informed Choice chooses to shed some light on these issues. We thank them for all their hard work in raising awareness. If you’d like to donate to Informed Choice Michigan, please go to

Written by: Rachel Marcero 06/19/21


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