Michigan HB-4667 Restricting Vaccine Passports Passes House Oversight Committee

The Michigan house oversight committee passes HB-4667 that will forbid any type of state issued Vaccine Passport. The bill was referred to the Oversight Committee for consideration, and after a vote of 6-3, will move to the House for a vote.

HB-4667 – Health: immunizations; COVID-19 vaccination passport; prohibit governmental entity from producing, issuing, or providing an incentive for under certain circumstances. Creates new act.

 Dozens Showed To Support HB-4667 

The Oversight Committee heard testimony from high school students (Maicie Killebrew and William Molewyk) about in-person graduations that are restricted to a limited capacity, due to the Covid-19 lockdown mandates issued by governor Gretchen Whitmer.  Maicie and William told stories about their experiences during the last year and the “bizarre” restrictions and inconsistencies.   

Legislators also heard testimony from a Michigan business owner (Steve Molewyk) and how the Covid-19 mandates have effected his business. He also advocated for students and proposed ended the mandates related to schools and graduations.

Dr. Barbra Katerberg, who is a occupational therapist gave testimony on the psychological effects for children who face the Covid-19 restrictions. She called what they’re being put through “child abuse”, and shared reasons why this madness needs to end now.  She described all the detrimental consequences of wearing masks, social distancing, and other mandates.

We got a chance to catch up with them after they testified.  We also caught up with Genevieve Peters and Shay Lee who showed up to support HB-4667.

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