VIDEO: Matt DePerno Drops A Bombshell at United We Stand!

Yesterday in Howell at the Brighton Recreation Area, dozens of patriots gathered in support of Patrick Colbeck and his cause to expose the 2020 election fraud. Him and his wife Angela have spent their life saving in their cause to help the people of Michigan, and we truly appreciate their efforts.

Amongst the speakers were Robyn Peake, Dr. Frank, Bob Cushman, Mellissa Carone, and many others. Other candidates for office were also able to speak about their platforms including candidate for governor, Ryan Kelley.

Last week we attended the Freedom Fest, where Matt DePerno was supposed to speak, but declined to attend after a conflict of interest. We were able to get his perspective on what happened. Watch the video below.

It turns out that Stand Up Michigan did indeed take over the Freedom Fest Event in Antrim County,  and furthermore, after investigating the money trail of funds raised, is ultimately tied to Antrim County Conservative Union who collected the funds Via Paypal for online ticket purchases. 

And after further research into Antrim County Conservative Union, it appears Victoria Bishop is the Principal and Barrack Obama is President. See screen capture and source link!



 The following screenshot was taken from here: Dun & Bradstreet 

In the following screenshot you will see Dun & Bradstreet has listed Antrim County Conservative Union LLC with board members.   


    This election fraud will be uncovered, and the people of Michigan will no longer stand for it. This upcoming Thursday, June 17th, thousands of Michiganders will be delivering thousands of affidavits to lawmakers in Lansing. Peacefully.

    Written by: Rachel Marcero
    John Clore
    contributed to this article 06/14/21


    CORRECTION: Antrim County Conservative Coalition was not responsible for collection of funds which was originally a typo within our report.  Antrim County Conservative Union was responsible as the screenshot after ticket purchase shows. 

    We sincerely apologize for this mistake as there was confusion around the similarity in names. 

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