Let Freedom Ring

“Let Freedom Ring” was a peaceful rally of prayer and plea. In hopes for the people’s request for answers of the 2020 election. Speakers included Attorney Matt DePerno, Patrick Colbeck, Mellissa Carone, Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, Robyn Peake, and many more. The Michigan Conservative Coalition (MCC) put this event together,Continue Reading

Maskless Protesters Gather At Twelve Oaks Mall In Novi To Defy “Face Mask Order”

  Traveling through wind gust and drizzling rain, two groups of brave Patriots gathered for a maskless protest at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Saturday afternoon to defy the MDHHS Directors unconstitutional “face mask order”    Joie Vawter a cofounder of Guardians Of Freedom Michigan and organizer of the event,Continue Reading