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It Was Another Great Day For Protesting!

Organizers put together an event on MSU campus to get students back on campus and learning in classrooms. 

WLNS Repoted:

Dozens of parents and college students frustrated with online learning came to Michigan State University’s campus Saturday for a rally. They want Michigan Universities and Colleges to offer 100% of their classes in-person in the fall.

“We’re paying a lot of money for that education, and I do not feel we’re getting our money’s worth,” said Suzie Reider, mother of an MSU student.

Mary Sucor says her child has a learning disability and providing her with a quiet, controlled environment to focus on her online courses and take exams is hard.



Many people spoke at this event and gave testimony as to how the mandates are not only harmful to student physical health (Mask mandates) but are also harmful to their mental health.


Hayden Heikkila speaks at Michigan State University Back To Campus Rally

Adam Heikkila speaks at Michigan State University Back To Campus Rally

Oh look, it’s Science! 

Studies have been done that show, quarantine only worsens psychological and learning behaviors.

A study here at the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health states:


Both female and male medical students have identified that quarantine has caused them to feel emotionally detached from family, fellows, and friends and decrease their overall work performance and study period. The findings also show that one fourth of the medical students who participated in this study felt disheartened during the quarantine period. The long-term quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemics may causes further worsening in the psychological and learning behaviors of these medical students.



Written by John Clore

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