Maskless Protesters Gather At Twelve Oaks Mall In Novi To Defy “Face Mask Order”

  Traveling through wind gust and drizzling rain, two groups of brave Patriots gathered for a maskless protest at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Saturday afternoon to defy the MDHHS Directors unconstitutional “face mask order”    Joie Vawter a cofounder of Guardians Of Freedom Michigan and organizer of the event,Continue Reading

Michigan GOP Issues Statement About Governor Whitmer's Travels During Lockdown Mandates - Us Against Media

Michigan GOP gathered today to give a statement concerning the latest reported trip to Florida that Governor Gretchen Whitmer traveled during her unconstitutional mandates that we reported about here: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Broke Her Own Travel Orders To Visit Father! Michigan GOP Sets Out To Take Action!     MichiganContinue Reading

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Broke Her Own Travel Orders To Visit Father! - Us Against Media

More Democratic Hypocrisy! Reports have surfaced, that governor Gretchen Whitmer traveled out of state to visit her alleged “chronically ill” father during the Covid-19 Pandemic, in which the governor recommended no travel.  Detroit Free Press Reported Tiffany Brown, a spokeswoman for Whitmer, would give few details about Whitmer’s trip,  citingContinue Reading

Robert Gordon Former Director of  HHS Will Be Subpoenaed To Testify At Michigan Oversight Committee - Us Against Media

What Started Off As A Bipartisan Situation Has Quickly Shifted Gears! House Resolution 60 hearing on separation agreement subpoena power. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration agreed to pay former state health department director Robert Gordon $155,506 in a separation deal that also required the two sides to maintain confidentiality about theContinue Reading

VIDEO: Michigan Rep Cynthia Johnson Admits Black Vote Not Disenfranchised. - Us Against Media

Michigan Rep Cynthia Johnson Admits Black Voters NOT DISENFRANCHISED! So, requesting ID verification and signature verification is NOT RACIST! This from Cynthia A. Johnson who is a Democratic Representative for Detroit Michigan. Watch       Not only that, but the media was here to cover this event, while absolutelyContinue Reading

VIDEO: Michigan Rep Gary Howell Denies Knowledge Of Controversial Campaign Contributions! - Us Against Media

  Gary Howell Michigan Rep Denies Controversial Campaign Contributions!Sponsor of HB-4454 to create more regulation on recycling and composting, which will make it tougher for competition and ultimately create a monopoly. Not only that, but higher prices to the consumer as well as higher taxes on the tax payers ifContinue Reading