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Garrett Soldano as Gubernatorial Candidate? We Can Do Way Better!

Garrett Soldano as Gubernatorial Candidate? We Can Do Way Better!

by Rachel Marcero

3 months ago

MICHIGAN- Gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano seems to be making headway in campaign funding, but why is he so good at it?

You may change your mind about voting for him after reading about his business dealings.

Soldano was chased out of Florida in 2018 and wound up here in Michigan because he was caught selling fake stem cell therapy and ripping off seniors for $5k a pop, claiming it was the "Fountain of Youth" with his partner Brent Detelich, a fellow chiropractor who was busted for defrauding insurance companies in 2007. He was busted a second time for running the fake Stem Cell Institute of America, which Garrett was a proud member of. 

Anthony Close, founder of Lab Me Analytics is one of the scam partners that Garrett attended chiropractor school with. https://youtu.be/g2dUWzqisIw

If you look at the bottom left corner of the manufacture label on the test, you will see it's "For Research Use only. Not for Use in Diagnostic procedures." Check it out for yourself:

Anthony Close, in 2010, was jailed in New Zealand for running the country's largest drug import ring and selling the date rape drug GHB.

When Close was released from prison, Garrett connected with Close to sell phony blood and COVID-19 tests. Close is now selling fake injections in Indonesia. 

Next up is Eagle Venture fund run by Manis Canning, a government affairs and Public Relation Firm in Maryland specializing in Grassroots movements with a client list including all the big drug companies. And they just happened to have a testimony on the Lab Me Analytics website.

If you look up the SEC filings, and then Google map the address, from the street view it shows Manis Canning on the door: 

To boot, Soldano has many businesses he’s incorporated and closed. It raises several questions. 


And his latest business venture, Clean Craft Junkie LLC. lasted for about 7 months, being formed in June of 2019 and then dissolved in January of 2020. Why would someone throw in the towel on a business so quickly?



To those that have chosen to blindly follow and donate, take another look! Everything is linked. 




  • Until the mid 1950’s vitamins were outlawed in some states and considered fake medicine. The FDA approved cigarettes as a prescription and denied there was a link to lung cancer well into the 1970’s. Lead burning in gasoline was considered safe until it was officially banned in 1986. So ask yourself are stem cell therapies, dietary supplements, and chiropractics fake medicine? How about acupuncture? It may work for some people to feel better and that is all that counts. The people in charge and government authorities have not served us well in the past. Why do we think they would now? It sounds to me like the guy wants to make people feel better and be able to live a better life.

    Willie B Hardigan on

  • Great work on this piece detectives. This candidate is nothing but a snake oil salesman. He is an arrogant cocky fool that is just like his leader Ron Armstrong. Not to mention his deceptive smile. I just don’t trust him and this article confirms my suspicions. Keep up the great work. #RyanKelley

    Elliott Hubber on

  • Written by a Woman with 12 Aliases

    Steven Yager on

  • Eye Opener! 😳

    Trisha Clark on

  • I personally have seen Garrett Soldano dodging questions, deleting people from his facebook that ask any questions, trying to hide truths, and put forth censorship! Ron Armstrong as well as Tammy Clark are doing the same.

    I listened to Garretts live this morning addressing this article. Funny how God cut out his lies and crap, but then God also allowed him to say, “I am a bad guy and liar”

    I know that Garrett was having audio issues, but is it a sign? I think so! Study the audio and when it cuts out and what is said when it come magically back on! GOD IS WORKING!

    Mary Henderson on

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