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Laptop from Hell, photos of Hunter Biden and Malia Ann Obama leak online

Laptop from Hell, photos of Hunter Biden and Malia Ann Obama leak online




Based on the leaks covering the contents of Hunter Bidens Laptop and what has been posted online by GTV, on could assume that those leaks are accurate. Steve Bannon received a copy of the laptop's hard drive after Hunter Biden handed it in for repair and never collected it despite the shops numerous attempts to return the device to Hunter Biden. 

Multiple videos and images purportedly showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual acts with several women and using drugs were uploaded on a Chinese digital video platform Saturday evening.


The videos and images appear to be uploaded by a single user on GTV, with many of the photos seemingly from a third-party laptop. GTV, a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, was founded in April 2020 by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to President Trump.

The photos below appear to be of Hunter Biden and Malia Ann Obama taken on June 15, 2018. 


Who Is the Black Woman Lying Naked on Hunter's Bed?

In yet another image, a naked man, alleged to be Biden, is seen holding the hair of a black woman as she lies naked on a bed with her back towards the camera. Many users are claiming that the woman in the picture is Barack Obama's daughter as she also carries a similar mark on her right thigh like Malia.

To prove their theory several users uploaded an image of Malia, wearing a white swimsuit, revealing the mark on her right thigh.

The two sets of viral images caused an uproar on the social media with many insisting that Hunter not only did drugs with Obama's elder daughter but also had sex with her.

"Is that Malia Obama partially blurred in the photos with Hunter Biden? Sure looks like it when combined with the lines of cocaine and her credit card," wrote a user.

Twitter Abuzz with Tweets on Hunter Biden and Malia Obama

Twitter was trending with a lot of hashtags covering Malia and Hunter Biden. "For the last two hours, I've been trying "not to go over" in my head how else and why else would Hunter Biden have access to Malia Obama's credit card to the point to which he could use it to cut cocaine?" tweeted a user.

"Whats the most interesting thing about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Its not the fact that he is addicted to crack, hires whores and has fucked Malia Obama. Its that this is what the elite get up to behind closed doors," wrote another.




The NY Post reports that: "The computer was dropped off at a repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware in April 2019, according to the store’s owner. The customer who brought in the water-damaged MacBook Pro for repair never paid for the service or retrieved it or a hard drive on which its contents were stored, according to the shop owner, who said he tried repeatedly to contact the client."

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    oboizuvu on

  • So sick that we are still talking about a child rapest just like his dead scumbag joe
    Biden its funny as hell the people believe the
    Dick head fake joe is realy old joe look at picks of joe 5 years ago to now absolutely
    Two difrent peaple
    So im so confused at how meny peaple are programmed and brain washed .all thay have to do is listen to
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    Short before u grow to real dimension ahow live in all u do
    Love is jesus crist

    Mark Nicholson on

  • I’m ready, let’s get it on
    Trump party !! patriot party !!
    1776 party

    Wj on

  • This country was formed by the shedding of blood . The rank and file had enough , as it was then it is now . Time to take our country back from these corrupt politicians . I urge our great President Trump to form a new party . The Patriot Party. Count me in .

    Jack Martin Sheldon on

  • “Obedience is taught by example, by how we teach our children.” Hummm….

    Carlene Tanner-Hunt on

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