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School Board Member's Lies Reach Senate Committee

School Board Member's Lies Reach Senate Committee

by Rachel Marcero

3 months ago

LANSING- Today, lies poured out of the mouth of a Michigan democrat Senator describing a school board meeting the previous night where a woman was ejected for not wearing a mask. That senator was Dayna Polehanki, and she was told this misinformation from her chief of staff, Dan Centers.  Dan Centers just happens to be a member of the Livonia Public School Board, and he's also running for Livonia city council.

The Livonia public school board recessed for over an hour at Monday night's meeting to call the police on the unmasked woman. The Wayne County Health Department mandates masks in school for everyone.


Polehanki announced to the committee about receiving texts from Centers in a back room, saying that "School board members were overrun by hostile, screaming people opposing the school's mask mandate, which was administered by the health department." "The police were called, and it was ugly, and that's why I introduced a bill to stop it.


Police and an attorney were called to figure out how to have the woman removed from the meeting. The woman respectfully left after explaining her exemption, and police warned her that she would be arrested for trespassing if she attempts to return unmasked. So how could Dan Centers report all of this to Senator Polehanki without ever being in the room?

See the video of the police confronting the woman. Does this look like hostility to you?




From an eyewitness, the School Board President Colleen Burton lectured everyone about respect and fairness at the beginning of the meeting. Would you call this respect and fairness?  Leave your comment below!


  • Until people learn how to take back their power they will have no rights!



    Julie on

  • It’s funny, And disturbing just how easily these untruths are broadcast as fact, and without any apparent confirmation. Wow, talk about your fake news !

    Stephen Schlitt on

  • I was present from start to finish. If Centers said those things it was a clear misrepresentation of the facts and circumstances.

    Dan on

  • School boards need to recognize that the parent’s are in charge. I urge parents to remove their children from school districts requiring masks, presenting inappropiate learning materials and CRT. When they lose students maybe they’ll start to recognize that children’s education rights belong to parents. The above v ideo appears to contain outright lies by the state rep.

    Dawn Lea Cremeans on

  • I am not a citizen of the state of Michigan (I live in another state now) but I have lived there and respect the people who engage in legal, proper, and fair debate.
    What we have heard from Sen. Dayna Polehanki, Democrat, 7th district of Livonia, Minority Vice Chair, are statements of lies like so many who lie, cheat, and deceives people. This Sen., if she has a different outlook of a subject, she is entitled to her belief. But what she is not entitled to do is to propagate falsehoods and lies to create disharmony for political means. This person should not only be ashamed of her actions but resign and let a more forthright person achieve her public position.
    She has shown, in her remarks, to be no more interested in the public interest than most of the purported newscasters of today. Sorry for my words, if they offend, but I have had to listen to people like this for over four years now. And it is, indeed, upsetting.
    For those who are just becoming aware of a long-time methodology of people working towards changing this country to a socialist, communist style county, beware. The lies told by Sen. Polehanki is only the continuation of lies that our leaders, in charge of our government, propagate to us. I would list many of the lies but you would probably be bored by the time I’m finished. (it’s a long list.)
    I am pleased that many parents are taking up the cause of providing safe and educational environments for their children.
    As a side note, follow what is developing in democratic districts, or in the whole country, for that matter. We, the people, are being led from our capitalist freedom style of living to an autocratic communistic country in which our children will be expected to enjoy and obey the demands of government.
    So, in parting, may I humbly thank the young woman for exhibiting freedom in expounding on her rights to govern the welfare of her children.

    Mark Terrel on

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