BREAKING VIDEO: COVID MAN Rescues Michigan House Oversight Committee!





This is how COVID MAN handles things when things are getting tough! 

First, you have to get to know who and what COVID MAN is. 

COVID MAN is the offspring of the media and radical left hype, that is constantly being put out. This is being done to keep you in constant fear of living and standing up against tyranny.  You see, COVID MAN is the "scientific" offspring, that is derived from the sociological metamorphosis that occurs when constant bullshit is eventually returned to sender. 

COVID MAN was truly inspired by REP David Legrand:

YES this guy looks like a total conspiracy theory living the life of a state rep.  This is really quite sad! And this is a law maker who is filling his head with CNN crap, and then trying to make you believe it. 

Has anyone looked into his campaign funding?  Has anyone requested to see how far his audit will tie into CCP involvement?  Who is paying this guy to look like somebody who is scared of a virus that has over a 99% survival rate, but yet refuses to the 6' mandate, and does not wear his mask when talking to collogues while not on camera? 



Soon, every town will have a COVID MAN and you can thank SCIENCE for this! 

"Every action has equal and opposite reaction."

So what did you think?  Do you expect the people to constantly absorb and digest your Malicious, Unconstitutional, Society Damaging, Anti-American bullshit? 



 CCP March


Telling All State Reps & Staffers 3 Masks Required! 



Telling Staffers 3 MASKS!!!


Michele Hoitenga

Member of the Michigan House of Representatives 😊

Sitting in Oversight Committee & he just walks in. #maskman #michigancapitol

♬ Turn Me Loose - Loverboy



Part 2: of Just Another Day @ The Michigan Capitol

♬ Legends Are Made - Sam Tinnesz


 InfoWars Tom Pappert Wrote:

"Hey, you've gotta get the flag," said COVID MAN to one attendee, turning around to expose his cape. "That's the important part, it's the China Virus!"

"A man wearing a yellow plastic jumpsuit, a plastic covered clothes basket over his head with “6 FEET” emblazoned across it, and a Chinese communist flag as a cape attended the Michigan House Oversight Committee responsible for determining the state’s policies surrounding COVID. "



  • Where have you been COVID MAN? We need to use humor and visuals to point out the absurdity of the Democrat/Communist!

    P.S I the part about identifying as a awoman and asking to use the ladies bathroom 🤣

  • I love COVID man. We all should get the same costume and go to DC to mock the Fear Mongers and show them how ridiculous restrictions are on a virus that is 99% curable.


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