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VIDEO: "White Privilege" in the Appalachian Mountains During a Pandemic

VIDEO: "White Privilege" in the Appalachian Mountains During a Pandemic

by John Clore

6 months ago

Watch how these West Virginia residents use their "white privilege" to escape poverty during the pandemic.

If you also want to have access to "White Privilege" then you can easily give away all you own, and move to the Appalachian Mountains!



  • To Lita,
    Your comment is very ignorant, arrogant and misguided. Just because those people are overweight isn’t because they are overeating. It’s most likely because they are diabetics and not eating the proper nutritious foods. I’m sure they are buying a lot of junk that’s been processed and loaded with sugar like Kool-Aid and white bread. And I’m sure that buying organic healthier food is not an option at the price of food today. When you’re poor you buy what’s the most cheapest not what’s best and healthier for you. If you have some can goods to spare, why don’t you donate them instead of criticizing them for their weight. The problem is that our government takes care of people who are illegals and give them $1,500 tax free and all the food stamps they want for doing nothing. But hard working tax paying Americans get kicked to the curb when they are in dire need. These illegals don’t contribute anything to this country besides bringing more diseases, covid, and stealing jobs. But they expect Americans that were born in this country to live off of $200 a month and food stamps from $600 which still isn’t enough to live on a month when you have a family to take care of.

    Li B on

  • In response to Lita Durr;
    I dated a woman from Trinidad for 5 years. Yes, she was 3/4 black and 1/4 Indian. We used to use public transportation because we did not have a vehicle at the time. While on the bus, we would constantly receive dirty looks and comments from BLACK PEOPLE. I also went to an all black high school. I was constantly labeled and called WHITE BOY. “Hey, White Boy Come Here!” “Look at that cracker” I also used to live in South Beach Miami for 5 years and if you are a WHITE Heterosexual Male, you will never have anything going for you. No doors will open up and you will have inherited a new label! GRINGO! So let’s talk racism, shall we? I have tons of accounts on how I was personally discriminated against because of my sexual preference and the color of my skin! But, nobody wants to talk about this right FACTS! ALL RACES HAVE RACISTS! John Clore Founder Us Against Media

    John Clore on

  • I don’t mean to be mean. But so many in this video are very overweight. It goes against their message. I would definitely be having chickens and an outrageous garden. If everyone did this and a few even had a cow or two it could help. This shouldn’t be a problem.

    Lita Durr on

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